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VIN Model Year Sold for Recent Location Action
1G2BT69H9FX245346 Parisienne 1985
$ 0, 000
Chicago, IL View Vehicle
1G2BT69YXGX278132 Parisienne 1986
$ 00, 000
Canton, GA View Vehicle
1G2BT69H6FX220467 Parisienne 1985
Mount Hope, WV View Vehicle
2G2AT69H9E9723080 Parisienne 1984
$ 0, 000
Bally, PA View Vehicle
1G2BL69H0FX259071 Parisienne 1985
Red Oak, TX View Vehicle
1G2BL69Y2GX260711 Parisienne 1986
$ 00, 000
Holland, NY View Vehicle